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Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger – So far so good?
For the first time since I got into the Super Sentai franchise many years ago, I am actually watching the current series and after 11 episodes I think I can safely give an early assessment.

Unlike most seasons, this series has really stepped up the roster. At the moment there are ELEVEN rangers making up the team, as opposed to the usual five or six. Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger may have had ten rangers in its final team but that took most of the series to build up; Kyuranger currently has eleven rangers after eleven weeks, with no sign of slowing down.

The series formula does a good job of not over-reaching. A plot device was handily inserted to prevent all eleven team members from always being active, allowing for variety in team strategies and personalities. All of the characters are being given time to shine, which is impressive for a series with this many team member. We already know a good bit about the characters of Stinger and Shou, while the current personalities of Naga and Spada are being constantly emphasised. There are still opportunities to further develop others, but as we still have 40 or so episodes to go it is too early to accuse them of shunting anyone aside.

Early favourites for me are Naga and Stinger. Naga is from a race of aliens in the Ophiuchus System who have elected to discard their emotions (very much like the Vulcan race from Star Trek), however he wants to feel those emotions. It is quite hilarious to watch as he only knows “anger” so far and he will make an outburst regardless of the timing or appropriateness.

In contrast Stinger is the quiet, moody lone wolf of the series. Introduced as a villain in episode 3 before joining the team in episode 5. As is common with his people, he has a venomous scorpion tail which appears in both regular and transformed states, he is from the Sasori System (based on the real life Scorpius system). His search for his traitorous brother has led him to teach Kotaro to be a good older brother, as he does not want to see any brotherhoods destroyed like his

While it still may have a long way to go, I think Kyuranger is off to a very good start. It was very risky to introduce so many characters so quickly, but at no point did I feel overwhelmed by this. Probably because the main team of nine took 5 episodes to come together, but still, I look forward every week to the new episodes, and I am sure I will continue to do so. Look for my final review in a future issue of Niche!

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