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News and Views: Lego Avengers Free Character Pack
Spider-Man is now free to download for Lego Marvel Avengers! To be accurate that's 6 Spider-Men... Spider-Mans... Spider-People?

Whether you think this should have been available on release or not this pack still feels like a wonderful surprise gift, and having Spider-Man web swinging his way around Manhattan with the Avengers is a glorious reunion similar to the one in Captain America:Civil War. I know it was already one big Marvel family in the previous game (Lego Marvel Superheroes) but this still feels special. 

Spidey has some new animations and can now finally wall-crawl up buildings, he also brought some friends. A number of the additional versions come straight out of the actual Web Warriors inspired Lego sets, which is good because we get Miles Morales, Ben Reilly's Scarlet Spider and Iron Spider complete with a few individual skills, but I'm still disappointed with the design of Iron Spider for the toy and in the game.

Spider-Girl also makes an appearance although she's no Spider-Woman (I know SW isn't technically a Spidey character but maybe deserved a place in this game). Anyway, it's a great add-on even before considering it's completely free; highly recommended although it's a slight shame there's no spider-centric story content. Go download it, who are you to stand in the way of bringing this friendly Spider-man back into the neighbourhood?
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