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All Good Things - A Farewell to Shield of Tomorrow

So one of my favourite shows is coming to an end, not taken in the recent wave of cancellations but just as unexpected. Geek & Sundry's Star Trek RPG, Shield of Tomorrow (SoT) will come to a close 13 th July 2018. I'm excited for what might rise in its place but the end of a show has never hit me this hard, in a way I was lucky Firefly came and went before I even knew it existed but I imagine it would have felt like this. SoT is/was another show that captures that sense of "found family" and I'm

Star Wars Rebels: Season 3 and Beyond

I may have jokingly compared Rebels to Firefly in my first review but now as we await the fourth and final season I realise how much the show evolved. I usually give Disney the benefit of the doubt when they acquire new properties whereas the internet generally feared their handling of Marvel and Star Wars as if the movies would suddenly be full of princesses, mouse ears and jaunty musical numbers. Rebels is/was the first star wars animation under Disney s ownership and that was enough to turn a

Hull Summer Comic Con 2017

This past Sunday I attended Hull Comic Con Summer 2017, which was held at The Lawns in Cottingham. The event, by District14, had, as ever, lots of stuff going on. There were plenty of stalls with many traders showcasing some fantastic items, from custom Lego minifigs to huge, original artworks. The whole place was chock full of people in cosplay, from the simplest to the elaborate, but all paying tribute to people's favourite characters. Previously, the Spring event had been held at the Guildhal

The Characters of Telltale: Part 1 - Ladies First

My experience of Telltale's episodic game series goes back to the first season of The Walking Dead (TWD). If you've never played a Telltale game I recommend starting with that one. I'm mostly focusing on female characters this time round, as this blog was spawned from a previous one discussing Minecraft Story Mode. If you've never played a Telltale game I recommend starting with TWD Season 1. You play as Lee, again another well developed character and not a stereotypical hero-type. You're tasked

Niche Plays: Life is Strange

My love for Telltale Games is no secret (see elsewhere on this blog) but a new contender has entered the arena of tailored story based games. Life is Strange takes the same fundamental gameplay as the Telltales series', it even follows the usual 5 episode format and presents you with ethically grey decisions popularised by The Walking Dead. Only, this new take on the genre is like a breath of fresh air, a completely new game engine, an individual art style, a realistic setting and a completely f

Telltale: Inconsequential Consequences

If you've never played one of Telltale's episodic stories I recommend you do it now before you read any further, I'm about to look behind the curtain.... I've touched on this in previous blogs but I feel like I need to look deeper and explain myself. You may know that Telltale make story driven games that are tailored by player choice, the choices you make affect how the story plays out. The first time you see that on screen you're hit by a wave of responsibility and fear of the unknown... how b

Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz

After reviewing the series in Issue 18, it only seems natural to cover the movie here. Endless Waltz was released as a three-part OVA ( Original Video Animation ) to tell one final story in that timeline. The show had been popular enough to warrant such and the writers managed to come up with something that both tells a new story but also ties back to the beginning of the series. Taking place a year after the series ended, the Earth Sphere Unified Nation ( the name given to the Earth and colonie

BSG: Squadrons - Mobile Games: A Love/Hate Relationship

I'm torn between full review and full blown rant on this one... Battlestar Galactica: Squadrons ( BSG:S ) is not bad, for a mobile game. It inhabits the world of the more recent TV show and transports you there. Would you like to know more? Scroll down and I'll see you after the jump. Sights, sounds and characters will all seem familiar, you'll even have to respond to contacts on DRADIS and initiate an FTL jump if things get hairy.There's even a gameplay element that focuses on maintaining the s

Full Review: Magikarp Jump!

Everyone's favourite useless pokemon finally has its own game The Pokemon Company have recently released a new mobile game that no one knew they wanted, finally giving your favourite most pointless and useless pokemon chance to shine. Magikarp jump appears to take inspiration from the Magikarp Song (which can be viewed in game) and an obscure minigame from Pokemon Stadium. Taking place in Hoppy Town where Magikarp jumping contests are the local obsession... reminding me of some of the weir

Star Wars: Battlefront vs Splatoon

New details of EA's next Star Wars Battlefront have been revealed and it appears to add in everything fans expected of the first game. I was almost hoping I wouldn t have to buy this one but ooh it sounds good; no season pass, a robust single player experience, characters and maps from all 3 eras, classes rather than loadouts and space battles! Now I ll have to pass over the fact no one mentioned battles spanning both land and space and try to be happy with what was actually confirmed. I do want

Patapon - Run up to Remaster: Does it need one?

Back at the PlayStation Experience 2016 press conference/keynote several remastered classics were announced. Crash Bandicoot was the big story but the recently released Parappa the Rapper and LocoRoco also had their wave of hype/nostalgia. There was however another niche game from the PSP deemed worthy of a PS4 HD remaster. That game was Patapon. For the uninitiated Patapon is a rhythm action game like no other. There s no note chart to follow, you just have to keep in time to the beat but there

Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger – So far so good?

For the first time since I got into the Super Sentai franchise many years ago, I am actually watching the current series and after 11 episodes I think I can safely give an early assessment. Unlike most seasons, this series has really stepped up the roster. At the moment there are ELEVEN rangers making up the team, as opposed to the usual five or six. Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger may have had ten rangers in its final team but that took most of the series to build up; Kyuranger currently has eleven ran

Cheaters Never Prosper (pt2)

In Issue 17 I wrote a small article regarding cheating in Pokemon Go and how it runs the risk of your account being banned. Cheating in games has fallen out of favour in a big way over recent years and even more so with the rise of Multi-player online gaming because cheating has becoming far less fair to those who do not. There is debate among players as to what constitutes cheating in modern games, but personally I see it as anything which gives you an unfair edge over another player which was

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue E3 2016 Trailer

A new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue (KH2.8) has been released today, ahead of E3 next week (there's an important message at the end of the trailer that might explain that timing). KH2.8 will be available on PS4 and will include a remaster of 3D Dream Drop Distance (originally on 3DS) another non-playable chapter for Kingdom Hearts Chi but there's also a final chapter to Birth By Sleep (an epic PSP game that was included in KH2.5HD). The thing is, this chapter is looking a

Full Review- Birthdays: The Beginning

Birthdays the beginning Birthdays is kind of game I'd dream up when I was young(er) giving you fine control with a multitude of outcomes. Simply put it hopes to simulate 500million years of evolution (thankfully shortening the several billion year period before multicellular organisms appeared.) That's a pretty big task, in fact Birthdays: The Beginning earned its colon and subtitle as the original concept was thought to be too large for one game. You'll be responsible for ensuring human life is

First Impressions - Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol2

Marvel's next entry in their burgeoning universe hit UK cinemas this week, time for a (mostly) spoiler-free review. I do want to discuss one of the central themes of the plot though so if you want to go in blind then leave now! I really enjoyed the first Guardians of the Galaxy (GotG) movie... so much so that it took the pressure off SWVII later that year, I was sci-fi satisfied and if SW bombed then at least I had Guardians. Anyways, Vol 2 came out and I waited in line with high hopes and appre

News and Views: No Man's Sky Delayed

Rumours have been growing over the last few days, but now it's official. No Man's Sky, the sci-fi galaxy explorer from Hello Games, has been delayed. The UK will now get the game 12th August. I don't have a problem with developers taking the extra time to make sure we have a polished playable game but given the level of hype there's sure to be disappointment. On the bright-side that gives us a few more weeks of glorious British summer before locking ourselves away to explore an entire galaxy. Ho

News and Views: Skylanders Imaginators Announced

This one's more for the kids and the obsessive collectors... the next instalment in Activision's Skylander franchise has been revealed. Core gameplay will be familiar but the big feature this year is imagination! Is that cheesy or exciting? The key is you'll be able to create your own character from a whole raft of collectible parts. There will also be 10 Sensei characters plus 11 former villains to collect, they act as masters to the apprentice "imaginators" that players will create. They look

News and Views: Lego Avengers Free Character Pack

Spider-Man is now free to download for Lego Marvel Avengers! To be accurate that's 6 Spider-Men... Spider-Mans... Spider-People? Whether you think this should have been available on release or not this pack still feels like a wonderful surprise gift, and having Spider-Man web swinging his way around Manhattan with the Avengers is a glorious reunion similar to the one in Captain America:Civil War. I know it was already one big Marvel family in the previous game (Lego Marvel Superheroes) but this

Full Review: Everything

My first experience with this game led to a weirdly deep and zen day off. I had an unusually chilled day, no work, no social commitments or responsibilities. I was nothing to no one and then I was Everything. Everything is an unusual game, it reminds me of some of the quirky demoscene games that came out for PS3 ( if anyone remembers Linger in Shadows ) there's also a touch of the kind of magic practised by ThatGameCompany ( Flow, Flower, Journey ). It's one of those games with a contemplative a

The Problem with The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory (TBBT) stirs mixed feelings in the geek community. Is it beacon of geek culture amongst all the mainstream sitcoms? Or is it a cheap exploitation of an unfair stereotype? On one hand, the characters in TBBT may be ones that I can identify with but it seems geeks are still still portrayed as weird or pathetic outsiders. Alternatively, TBBT could be a perfect depiction of an imperfect world, realistic interpretation of flawed humans. Geek or not these characters and the situati

No Man's Ethics: Geek Island and its Place in the Mainstream

Today would have been the original release date for No Man s Sky ( NMS ) in the UK so it s a good opportunity for me to add my thoughts to the recent controversy. Let me take you back to the news that NMS has been delayed several weeks ( August 10th ) and the outrageous response from some fans over this apparently life destroying news even going so far as sending death threats to the developers. I ve seen games delayed before and you do get a few unreasonable " bottom injured " peoples complaini

Niche Plays: Valkyria Chronicles Remastered

I'm free from the pages of Niche: Treat Your Geek and terrorising the internets. " Niche Plays " is my way of sharing what I'm playing/thinking as and when it happens and maybe I'll rope in some other Nichelings along the way. This isn't intended as a review, in fact it may come across as more of a love letter... This week I've been playing Valkyria Chronicles: Remastered. Originally this anime styled blend of action, strategy and RPG genres released 8 years ago for PS3, it didn't receive the re