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All Good Things - A Farewell to Shield of Tomorrow

So one of my favourite shows is coming to an end, not taken in the recent wave of cancellations but just as unexpected. Geek & Sundry's Star Trek RPG, Shield of Tomorrow (SoT) will come to a close 13 th July 2018. I'm excited for what might rise in its place but the end of a show has never hit me this hard, in a way I was lucky Firefly came and went before I even knew it existed but I imagine it would have felt like this. SoT is/was another show that captures that sense of "found family" and I'm

Star Wars Rebels: Season 3 and Beyond

I may have jokingly compared Rebels to Firefly in my first review but now as we await the fourth and final season I realise how much the show evolved. I usually give Disney the benefit of the doubt when they acquire new properties whereas the internet generally feared their handling of Marvel and Star Wars as if the movies would suddenly be full of princesses, mouse ears and jaunty musical numbers. Rebels is/was the first star wars animation under Disney s ownership and that was enough to turn a